Chelsea Gustafsson / Carpe Diem #YOLO

"Art is long, life is short" by Chelsea Gustafsson
“Art is long, life is short” by Chelsea Gustafsson

The flowers evolved as a symbol of guilt for our indulgent lifestyles. I always thought of a vase of cut flowers as an unnecessary pleasure: no practical qualities and very short term pleasure. Similarly, I was as cynical in regards to the process of creating art: an act of self serving indulgence.
With our exposure to sensational and tragic daily news stories I think it’s quite normal to feel helpless and guilty for our somewhat privileged lives. Ironically, because of this I think it’s therefore important to surround ourselves with beauty and all that inspires and motivates us, so that we can aim
to function at our best which has a positive consequence with how we communicate with and treat others.
Each of these works displays a Latin quote juxtaposed with contemporary acronyms or slang, which provide a bit of a tongue in cheek look at the things we strive for and commonly worry about.

Chelsea grew up in a small rural community in East Gippsland, later moving to Melbourne to study painting and sculpture.
Her love has always been for painting and she has had a varied creative career: working in a sculptor’s studio for a period of time, the art department in the film & television industry and in graphic design before having kids, which she now juggles whilst creating her art in Barwon Heads.

" I drink therefore I am" by Chelsea Gustafsson
” I drink therefore I am” by Chelsea Gustafsson