Christina Darras / Dutch Blue

Dutch Blue is a body of work that includes paintings and aquarelles using only one colour, the ultramarine blue. Ultramarine blue or Dutch Blue, or Delphi Blue, is a pigment, a colour with great potential and qualities. It can be very transparent and light, it can also be very dense, compact and covering. It can be a very cold colour when mixed with white, and very warm when pure and dense. I chose to work with ultramarine blue because it reminds me of my Mediterranean home, and I also feel that blue is the colour of melancholia. I also consider melancholia as a fertile ground.”

“The images I paint are usually faces and animals and plants, between figurative and story telling, but with an air of mystery and fairy tale atmosphere, using rhythm and dissimilar patterns to create space and depth. A journey to keep discovering, to keep your mind open and broaden your knowledge and potential.”

Originally from Greece, Christina Darras has recently relocated to Melbourne. A visual artist and jeweller, Christina studied painting at Ecole nationale des beaux Arts in Paris, France, and printmaking at Central St Martins in London, UK. She has had several solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions both in Australia and Internationally.

Dutch Blueruns 22 March – 15 April. To see a full exhibition listing click here.