Christopher Johnson / Selected Works

Christopher’s artistic practice is primarily figurative oil paintings. Much of Chris’ inspiration comes from the Australian landscape drawing on regional Victoria and comparing it to the Canadian setting he grew up in. Canada, like Australia is a vast and open country but the colours found in nature are so different. Chris draws on the colours found in Canada and use them in his Australian landscape paintings.

Many of the themes in Chris’ paintings are based on his heritage and life experiences in Australia. These experiences and his artistic process drive the narrative in the paintings permitting for illusory and colourful compositions.

Christopher Johnson is a Canadian artist living in Australia. In 2003, Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours and a History degree from the University of Ottawa. For most of the 2000s, Chris travelled to Europe, Asia, and Australia. Chris has exhibited his art works in Canada, Australia, and South Korea.

Since late 2011 he has lived in Geelong with his partner and two young daughters, painting from his studio situated at Factory 21, not far from Boom Gallery.

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