Colleen Guiney / X Marks the Spot

Port Fairy artist Colleen Guiney’s art practice is a form of escapism. It provides her with an effective counterbalance to society’s overwhelming requirement to conform, to fit in, to be neat, for everything to be in the right place. Her work originates in the subconscious and evolves over extended periods of time as she layers, re-purposes and reworks materials.Her works are an experiment in the accidental; the result of playing with and revising chaos. Collages of found pieces, fragments of torn billboards and transferred photographs are overlaid with stark screen prints inspired by daily life. Paint is used to mask or highlight.Upon completion, her works reveal their own history and imperfections as they move to the conscious. Theme and meaning penetrate the chaos and create a snapshot of a precise moment in time.

“Patterns and lines are my way of touching on my thoughts and finding good in them. Methodically building layers, I plan nothing. The colours I am drawn to reflect my mood at that moment and paint is used to mask or highlight as I find momentum.”

“X Marks the Spot” runs August 17 – September 9. To see a full exhibition listing click here.