Cricket Saleh, Dog

Human consumption, decay + disintegration.

The set moves away – albeit momentarily – from Cricket’s Flemish window light – into a space with the occasional contemporary reference. The flowers, at different stages of undoing, are often secondary to the ordinary happenings elsewhere within the frame.

Cricket’s art has long referenced current thoughts in relation to human consumption, and the practices accepted as a by product of this desire dressed as need. The current work is interested in the coupling of this feverish consumption of newness, to an assumed happy first world existence for a modern society.

“This body of work, titled Dog, speaks to the process of of ageing, both human and artefact.

It talks to the relationship we have with the visual outcomes of the process, and is a quiet celebration of the inevitable patina of ageing.”

Cricket is both a practicing art and commercial photographer. She works from her photographic studio in Newtown, Victoria.

Dog runs until November 4. For a full listing click here.