Cricket Saleh / The Butcher, To Conclude

The Butcher series as a collection of work, speaks of the often fraught relationship between humanity and beast. It explores the very modern disconnect between food and origin. This exhibition, the conclusion to The Butcher series, uses the portrait to convey the conversation.

The photographic work sidles away from the photographic medium, and as with Cricket’s work over the past two decades, it sits in a painterly space. The Butcher, To Conclude removes the portrait subject from a modern world and, in the artists mind, sits them in 17th century Flemish window light.

Cricket Saleh is a photographer based in Newtown, Geelong. Working from the epic Lichtenstein Studio, she collaborates with a cross section of fashion based businesses photographing campaign imagery. Cricket has regularly exhibited her photographic artwork over the course of 20 years.

cricket-butcher16_0004_web cricket-butcher16_0003_web cricket-butcher16_0002_web cricket-butcher16_0001_webInstall shots by the artist herself, Cricket Saleh. To see a full listing of the exhibition click here.