Csilla Csongvay & Matt Blackwood / Melbourne Ceramics Market at Boom

Csilla Csongvay and Matt Blackwood’s artworks balance form and function to create ceramic pieces using geometry and tonal glazes, which reference the Brutalist architecture of Csilla’s childhood in Romania and Matt’s love of Mid-Century Modern.

Their design process aims to fuse form with function to create ceramic pieces that are unique and true to their combined aesthetics, and the resulting pieces are made by hand in their Melbourne studio, and have been commissioned to appear in a diverse range of visual forms in galleries, libraries and public spaces across Australia and overseas.

This collection of stoneware pieces by Csilla Csongvay and Matt Blackwood focuses on the intersection between the curve and the line and the solid and the void. When these elements connect it creates geometric tension that forges a series of pieces that are one part architecture, one part sculpture and all parts geometry.

The Melbourne Ceramics Market exhibition continues at Boom until December 24th. Pieces are not listed individually on our website, however, if you are unable to make it into the gallery, phone enquiries are welcomed.