David Beaumont, You Yangs

“These paintings are part of an ongoing exploration of works in a monochromatic palette referencing the Australian Landscape and its history of First Nations people. The paint surface becomes allegorical of layers, erasure, presence and past.”

“As a painter I am interested in a sensory interpretation of the Australian landscape. I would spend a great deal of time, whether it be in the outback or by the ocean quietly observing, watching the shifting light, the influence of weather, the overall terrain and in particular my response to those experiences. Back in the studio these experiences begin to find their way into a painting. The references are often abstracted but endeavour to maintain the fabric of the experience; if you like a kind of truth in what has been observed and felt. The usual suspects of colour, pictorial space, surface and composition are a constant, haunting companion.”

Local painter David Beaumont spends his time between the beautiful coastal seaside town of Queenscliff, his favourite inner Melbourne haunt (St. Kilda) and Spain. However he regularly stalks The Little Desert, Larapinta, Lake Mungo and the Flinders Ranges and has a strong emotional attachment to these beautiful unique places.

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You Yangs runs from March 28th – April 28th.