David Rossiter / Made in India - 100% Organic

David Rossiter has created 31 pen & ink drawings for his incredible solo exhibition 100% Organic – Made in India.

“Looking back on previous trips to India, arriving with basic art materials but without any preconceived plan, I would still end up depicting my eventually chosen subject matter in some literal manner. As much as I loved being there, an underlying discontent with prevailing inequality issues would float to the surface and to some degree, often with a casual dose of humour, influence my work. During a 2015 residency in Delhi however, surrounded by the vibrant stimulation that India generates to excess, I found myself looking within and visually representing scattered and sometimes ridiculous thoughts that bounced through my head. This is the place to do it – from wandering around the chaos of Old Delhi all day to laying in my hard bed at night, trying to sleep when it is still well over 30 degrees.
This body of work is an exercise in fun and stems from references to travel, paintings that I did 20 years ago, ongoing themes such as evolution, portraying my terracotta friends in the Sanskriti Foundation Museum, personal views on social issues and a range of cranial debris.”
David’s formal art education includes studies at the Melbourne College of Printing and Graphic Arts – RMIT (1973 – 1976), night classes at the Geelong Fine Art School (1997 – 2003), and a Dip. Visual Art from Brougham School of Art (2005 – 2009).

“26 years in the surf industry has left an indelible bank of imagery printed on my subconscious but it is interesting how much I notice elements of my early work as a graphic artist coming through in what I am now doing. This will be my 13th solo exhibition, by no means bad luck, and my first at Boom.”

100% Organic – Made in India runs from 14 July – 6 August. Click here to see a full exhibition listing.