Eight Women - Artist / Cricket Saleh

Cricket is a photographer based in Newtown, Geelong. From her studio, she works with a cross section of fashion based businesses photographing campaign imagery. Cricket has continued to exhibit her photographic artwork over the course of 20 years.

‘This body of work is a continuation of my last project – Immersed. It is also a prequel to the next project,’ the Butcher.’

I am interested in a conversation in how we source our food. This body of work begins to create a framework for this discussion, through the study of light and texture in the still life. Within this space foodstuff comes and goes. The abode in which this frame exists, houses the collected food and the space in which it is consumed. The time of day changes and is indicated by the quality and temperature of the light, the clean light of mid morning through a small Dutch window, the racked warm tungsten light through the slit of an open door after sun down. Through the still life, or vignette if you will, human consumption is the focus. I look forward to continuing this study over the coming year.’

Cricket’s photographs are part of our current show “Eight Women” which continues through to 27 April