Eight Women - Artist / Jackie Sleight

Jacqueline is an English born visual artist living in the coastal town of Ocean Grove in Victoria, having migrated with her family to Australia in the 1960’s. Her work deals with place, identity and belonging. The way that the past influences the present and how things are passed from one generation to the next. Jacqueline has an ongoing interest in the human condition and in the traditions and customs that persist through the ages that determine how we interact as social animals.

The technique she adopts in keeping with her interest is also a mixture of the old and the new. Her preferred medium is printmaking and mixed medium with an emphasis on combining digital prints with traditional methods to create a hybrid of the two.

“In the series that I am working on at the moment “Cat’s cradle” I have used images of children, being representative of the future, and the dog (the companion of humans since civilizations began), being a representation of the old traditions/customs. I have placed them in fantasy landscapes reminiscent of the fairytales told to us as children to teach us society’s codes. I draw on the surrealists method of the accidental by pouring ink and paint onto a substrate which then blends, giving me an image to scan into the computer to be printed as an archival digital print. The overlaying of new technology (computer generated print) with the traditional methods of papercuts, ink, acrylic paint and metal leaf creates a hybrid of the two, epitomizing the influence of the past on the future and the persistence of traditions to subvert the new.”