Eliza Feely / Look What Happened to Us

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More celebratory than nostalgic, Look What Happened To Us vibrantly reignites images that had an indelible impact on how Eliza characterises the world.
Inspired by observing her son Rupert’s formative years (he’s 6), Eliza’s artwork uses whimsy and humour to explore the impact of popular culture on our lives; inviting audiences to reflect on their own experiences.

Focusing on media and gleaned from the copious hours she spent in front of the family “Rank Arena” (TV), Eliza happily experiments with her personal understanding and artistic norms, combining her cartoonist’s deft eye, love of ‘line’ in an unconventional delivery of oil paint, pencil, ink and wax series of one-off scissor cut posters – and by doing so, satirically sets the “Rank Arena” on fire.


Look What Happened to Us / 16 July – 8 August

Exhibition Opens Friday July 17 5:30 – 8pm