Elizabeth Barnett / Arrangements

Elizabeth Barnett is a visual artist whose practice encompasses printmaking, painting, and illustration. Elizabeth’s work depicts intimate domestic spaces filled with exotic and interesting plants, colour, treasured objects and furniture.

“A table in my studio plays host to an ever evolving arrangement of objects; ceramics, jugs and cups, plants, vases of flowers, bowls of lemons and glass jars of sprouting cuttings. There’s always a stack of books close to hand, often art books or recent acquisitions on interiors or plants or both. Beyond the table, through the studio window sits my garden and further still the landscape of the Macedon Ranges. Gold-tinged summer, hay bales and distant glimmering dams, brooding stormy skies and the mountain ever present above. I wanted to move outside with these works, capture my travels around the new places that I now call home.”

Arrangements references music, flower arrangements, the strategic and not so strategic placement of objects on a table. It explores the sculpted and natural configurations of this rural environment that fascinates me as I traverse its expanses. Music plays a large role in these paintings and in our home. There is always a record spinning on the turntable. Our family connects deeply through music. As I work, an album plays over and over my creations, imbued with song. I become obsessed with one artist or one album and I play it to death. I keep coming back to Joni Mitchell with these works. A musician and a painter, her works exude images and visuals that are so tactile and life-like. My aim is to encapsulate the music that inspired the images; like a stanza or a phrase rendered with paint.”

To see a full exhibition listing click here. Arrangements runs from 2-25 March.