Ellie Malin, Marking Time

Ellie Malinis a Melbourne based artist working in relief woodblock printing. Her bold, visceral artworks reflect an intuitive approach to image making where colours and form construct the landscape. By choosing mainly formal solutions she engages the viewer with images containing both pure abstraction and evocations of the world around her. “An image may begin as something quite recognisable. As I take on the process of deconstructing it into pure simplified shapes and colour. I’m always pulling things apart in order to put them back together in new ways.”

“Colour is a language in itself. It’s one I like to speak.” Ellie works with colour intuitively and approaches printmaking in a non-traditional way. Each print is unique and contains bold geometries and colourful compositions. For her it’s very process driven, where the textures and effects of layering reveal themselves through their creation.

To see a full listing click here. Marking Time runs until June 16.