Ellie Malin / Recent Prints / 19 June - 12 July

Ellie Malin is a print media artist based in Melbourne. Her colourful bold art works reflect a playful approach to image making where bright colours and form construct the landscape. Her artworks are inspired by a love for travel, childhood memories, and also from the most meaningful to the insignificant moments in life in all their beauty.

‘Figure’ & ‘Contemplations’ are colourful woodblock prints depicting an inspired landscape of ‘other worlds’. The beauty of nature, the man made and a fascination for impurities within it, sparks the imagination.
Offcut shapes of paper are the starting point, which are transformed into woodblocks for printing. These shapes become centre stage as the relationship between them is explored through layers of colour and textures. Remnants, which once would have been discarded are now the stars, moon and sky and are telling a story about what might exist beyond the familiar. Stories unfold over time and new discoveries made between the layers of tones and negative spaces.

This exhibition continues to 12 July