Elnaz Nourizadeh / Melbourne Ceramics Market at Boom

Elnaz Nourizadeh is an Iranian-Australian Ceramic Artist and self taught Designer who has worked alongside artists and craftspeople in both Melbourne and Iran.

She mentored by one of Iran’s leading ceramicists and sculptors, Maryam Salour back in Iran. These years under this mentorship brought ideas of European history, minimalism, modernism and truth of form. Elnaz currently is studying Master of fine art at RMIT university in Melbourne.

“Ceramic is my main medium to create both functional objects and sculptural forms. Most of the time I use earthenware clay and wheel throw my works to create a minimal forms then I brush glaze each of the items individually to make a unique artwork. My idea is to bring art as a useable object into everyday life. I am interested in abstract expressionism movement and try to let my emotions take control when I work. Circle, biomorphic and geometric forms are some of the main elements in my work.”

Elnaz moved to Melbourne in 2013, she set up her own studio and established her small business “Elnaz Ceramics”.

“My ceramic objects are recognisable by their modern design and vivid use of colour. I study on abstraction and minimalism and inspire by color field movement paintings. Artists such as Joan Miro, Mark Rothko, Hens Arps and Helen Frankenthaler are some of the main artists whose work I admire.”

“I am a member of the Association of sculptors of Victoria and Australian ceramics community. My works have been exhibited both in Iran and Australia. In 2016 I won the Art Almanac Prize at the 2016 Association of Sculptors Victoria Annual and Awards Exhibition.”

Elnaz Ceramics provides hand made quality ceramic wares in Melbourne. The modern design is recognizable by its vivid use of color and contrast. Elnaz goal is to bring modern art in everyday life.

The Melbourne Ceramics Market exhibition continues at Boom until December 24th. Pieces are not listed individually on our website, however, if you are unable to make it into the gallery, phone enquiries are welcomed.