Ember Fairbairn, Summer Projects VII

Ember Fairbairn’s work endeavours to break spells cast upon her own perception and re-weave new ones, pushing against self-determined boundaries. Against these edges, the painter can sit inside the discomfort of the new, the abject and awkward and also beauty, utilising systems of abstraction to address metaphysical issues.

Through gesture and colour, these paintings become entities unto themselves. Processes of erasure and transparent layers are often evident in the work. These compositions reveal the conceptual and visual processes of layering: imbuing the work with the artists experience of place, dream states and the contemplation of re-written and obscured histories.

Ember Fairbairn has based herself primarily in Melbourne and Queensland, satisfying her love of contemporary culture and the need to be immersed in remote parts of nature. Fairbairn’s practice focuses primarily on painting and she graduated from the VCA in late 2019 with a Masters in Contemporary Art.

To see a full listing of Ember’s latest work click here.

Summer Projects VIIruns until February 16th.