Emily Besser / Adventuresome Things


Rainfall : moonfall

Emily Besser is an artist working from a Sydney studio. Boom Gallery is delighted to have connected with Emily and has a small body of her work on display and in the stockroom.

Emily speaks of her art practice…..

“I recently returned to an everyday practice of painting after an intensive period of making jewellery.

I work most days in a home studio, sometimes surrounded by my two boys, both under 5, who play and fight around me. Family and home life form the backdrop to my work.

Working within the context of the home and family has brought to my work an observation of the aesthetics of the everyday: the daily minutiae of living.

My artistic practice has always been partly autobiographical. A compulsive picture-maker since childhood, I have used collage and drawing in scrapbooks to record the objects and people around me.

As an adult, I have kept to my habit of diarising things seen, felt and thought. The larger paintings I work on are explorations of these smaller and more portable, collected ideas.

For my most recent body of work I have painted over older paintings from my practice of almost 10 years ago. I have used the surface of these canvases as a site for escape and adventure: intense mark-making, repetition, pattern and colour-clashes.

The domestic is the scene in which I work and it is mirrored in these recent works. Motifs of the everyday, and traditionally of the feminine: vases, vessels, flowers, accompany and perhaps anchor the more ambiguous expressive and gestural marks. In this way, I am attempting to describe ‘everydayness’ while also giving form to an emotional current running beneath the surface and regularity of everyday life.”

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