Fabric of the Domestic / 16 April - 09 May


In a new and exciting format for Boom’s exhibition calendar, three artists have chosen to present a collaborative show, collectively titled: Fabric of the Domestic

A survey of three eclectic practitioners exploring the interplay, the tangible and nostalgic that seek the current . .
This exhibition will feature work by:

Mark Cuthbertson

For Fabric of the Domestic Mark Cuthbertson has created a series of artworks that encompass sculpture, painting, prints and assemblage. Mark’s art making process is about deconstructing an idea to its essence, in order to rebuild it into something that challenges our preconceptions of ideas and product. Using simplistic and common aspects of the everyday – such as concrete, Mark manipulates these into work that is unexpected, evocative and surprising. He creates works that challenge his limits, exploring new mediums and ways of working to strengthen and push the boundaries of his artistic practice.

The exhibition is a playful commentary on society, turning the fabric of the day-to-day monotony into something far more engaging, challenging and inspiring. Mark’s artwork explores concepts of colonisation & domestication within a broad national context. The works are playful & whimsical in nature, yet confront some underlying social question we are yet to come to terms with.

Scott Andrews

Scott Andrews’ recent body of work using acrylics explores fond memories of his past, during the 70s in Australia. Scott looks back at the simplicity of day-to-day life and the comparison to today’s increasingly busy existence. Distinctive, streamlined design of bikes and cars also features in Scott’s work, bright pops of colour and whimsical scenes of childhood memories.

“Depending on the day or the weather I could be constructing a dry stone wall, building a wood fired oven, exploring wet plate photography or painting an image of my past.. All of these creative pursuits have a deep history and this is the reason for my attraction to these forms of expression. I choose to look back in time with respect and admiration to find ways to move forward creatively in my own life.”
Anna Reynolds

The work by Anna Reynolds crosses medium and material fusing painting, printing, textile, collage, montage and bricolage into 2 dimensional textural landscape and seascape intended for wall hanging. Acknowledging the pixel in painting, printmaking, sewing, stitching, travelling and photography, the work binds, consumes and advocates digital engagement while simultaneously questioning it. It aims to render conversation between the computer and more established forms of art making by locating it in dreamlike terrains. Technology becomes the tether and the surface, a tactile interface sparking transmission between the two. Collaging the digital economy to material and message Reynolds creates dense flora like montages layered between warning and homage. In the past Reynolds explored visual tension between destruction and development found on Darwin’s waterfront, a mangrove frontier where human and nature collide. Having now returned to the southwest of Victoria this exhibition showcases old and new work, both large and small works on paper, canvas and cloth to a new audience.

Exhibition period / 16 April – 9 May
opening celebration/ Friday 17th April from 5:30pm

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