Five facts about Carla McRae

1. I love budgerigars. I had a few when I was a kid (Pretty Boy I, Pretty Boy II, etc) and they all flew away or died. Cages are cruel though – I could never have one now.

2. I like to draw to ambient music. My ultimate hack to getting into the work flow is to put on the classic album Select Ambient Works 85-92 by Aphex Twin – works nearly every single time I’m distracted or having wavy thoughts.

3. I have a side instagram called Studio Snacks where I post the dank snacks I am making myself to get through the deadlines in the studio. I get my friends to send me what they’re eating too so we can all at least laugh about our poor diet choices together.

4. One of my favourite artists ever is Dick Bruna. I’m going to visit his studio exhibit at Centraal Museum in Utrecht soon.

5. My ultimate internet guilty pleasure / procrastination station is trawling through years of niche image archives on Tumblr (and yes, I still use Tumblr).

Carla McRae’s playful paintings and collaborative sculptural works are now showing as part of Out of Bounds also featuring Beci Orpin. See some install images below and the full exhibition listing here.