Five facts about Cat Rabbit

1. I reside with both a cat (Porco) and a rabbit (Pipo). I love them both but they don’t quite love each other. Not yet.

2. My favourite cake to make (and eat) is a lemon chiffon cake. (related fact: I am counting down the days till the next Great British Bakeoff Season).

3. I love musicals. My favourite scene from a musical is the opening scene in An American in Paris where you zoom in to Gene Kelly’s tiny Parisian apartment. He theatrically moves about the tiny room, hoisting up the bed, balletically positioning a table and chairs; transforming the apartment from a bedroom to a breakfast room, to an art studio, all while eating some sort of pastry. I would like to live in that apartment. My second favourite scene is in the same movie where Oscar Levant leads an orchestra of Oscar Levants, playing Gershwin’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in F Major.

4. Before I started making things full time, I studied honours in English Literature. I know quite a bit more about female writers and their conditions in 18th Century Britain than the average person on the street. I am still an enthusiast in this subject, and read as much on it as I can.

5. My favourite extra-curricular activity is karaoke. I must emphasise that while I love it, I am by no means good at it. Favourite karaoke numbers include ‘What’s Going On’ by 4 Non-Blondes and ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush. I aspire to one day try ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ but I’ll have to be feeling very brave.

Cat Rabbit’s solo exhibition (Nothing but) Flowersis on view 16 Aug – 9 Sept 2018.

See here for a full exhibition listing.