Five facts about Kate Debbo

  1. I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa. My husband, two children and I immigrated to beautiful Margaret River in Western Australia 5 years ago. We started a furniture making business here, so you can sometimes find me sanding and varnishing something at Anthony’s studio.
  2. My mum is Danish and as a child I wore a pair of red clogs to school. A happy and ridiculous memory for me is when my mum made us hold hands and dance around the Christmas tree while we tried to sing Danish Xmas songs! (Every year until I left home)
  3. My Gran lived to be 101 years old. I hope to do the same.
  4. My studio is actually just a corner of our lounge. Luckily we are a house full of ‘makers’, so the open plan design of our home means that everyone’s projects extend all over it in a happy mess. (Ok. My kids are rolling their eyes at me… it’s MAINLY my mess. )
  5. When I’m not painting you might find me reading, eating, exploring or cycling around the forest that’s near our house. I may even be drinking some wine ????. Sometimes these are not seperate activities .

Kate Debbo is featured in Summer Projects Vwhich runs until February 18.

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