Five facts about Katie Eraser

Image by Tatanja Ross (On Jackson Street)

  1. I have an unquenchable appetite and curiosity to learn about people, which renders me full of questions, I try not to turn a conversation into an interrogation, but I would rather talk about you than me.
  2. I am drawn to anything bright and colourful, my house is full of trinkets and objects and art in a mash of contrasting and competing colours, some would say, assault on the senses, I would say – bliss!
  3. One of my favourite subjects to discuss is food, seriously try me, recipes, new restaurants, specials at the local sandwich shop, treats at the markets, I could wax lyrical for hours on the topic of eating, mmmm.
  4. Podcasts are religion for me. Checking in with my favourites every morning, searching for new gems, bingeing whole seasons of shows in a work day. An old fav is Invisibillia, new favs are The Leap and The Lip. I love a true story, a sad story or a mental health story.
  5. I resemble a lizard in summer, laying on various surfaces, exploiting the sunshine to heal me and feed me Vit D, and a cat in winter, I need a heater near me at all times, a track suit and uggs to warm my cold dead winter heart/head.


Katie’s solo exhibition If We Could Talkis on view 14 June – 15 July 2018.

To see a full exhibition listing click here.