Five facts about Leah Thiessen

  1. I recently went to Italy and came back crazy for everything Italian, especially the food and wine so now I’m obsessed with Panacotta.
  2. I grew up with a mother that was an artist and a trance medium……which makes for a very interesting childhood.
  3. I am very lucky to live on the edge of a lake. I love to listen to the amazing sounds that come from the water – sometimes I have been lucky enough to hear pods of dolphins late at night.
  4. I have a silly phobia about take away coffee cups. I can’t drink from them. I feel like they are stripping away the experience of having a good coffee.
  5. I’m not very good with order. Maybe that’s why my paintings are slightly chaotic.

Leah’s solo exhibition The Spirit of Placeis on view 17 May – 10 June 2018.

To see a full exhibition listing click here.