Five facts about Melissa Boughey


  1. Where I live– 23 years ago (when I was 22) I left the suburbs of Perth and moved to the south coast region of WA (near Denmark), with my partner, my BA Art (not very practical), and a baby on the way. Suddenly I had a lot to learn: planting veggies, making compost, planting an orchard and a forest and then later a vineyard, with soon-to-be 3 young boys in tow! Somehow we are still here, haven’t looked back, and I have managed to fit an art practice around our wine business.
  2. My Studio– My partner is very handy and when our babies were little he built a cute wooden studio above our carport. Mostly it was for family and friends to stay, but now it’s my art studio, full to the brim with art books, a few plants, my trusty 40 year old sewing machine, my stash of fabric (I make most of my clothes), and of course my canvases and works in progress. It’s nestled around a giant peppermint tree and looks over our wetlands and the tree-lined horizon. It’s my place to be my messy self and leave a trail of half finished projects (and old cups of tea) all over the place.
  3. Memory– One of my earliest childhood memories is wagging kindy (I was an early truant) and accompanying my mum to oil painting class where I sat under the table in the community hall and had my first whiff of oil paint. Possibly addicted every since!
  4. Addicted to– My other addiction is our Moombaki Chardonnay – perfectly matched with blue Costello cheese. Yeah, so I’ll never be skinny – too bad! I love good food and never waste a meal time by eating something ordinary and always try to pack in more veggies, fermented foods, and other good gut stuff (plus cheese and way too much tea)!
  5. Happy place– My happiest place is camping (or road trips) sketchbook in hand, and breathing in our unique Australian environment. I can also get a hit by walking in the bush, riding near the coast, or having brekkie on the beach. Last year I went camping in Central Australia and it was pivotal moment in my painting practice.

Melissa Boughey is featured in Summer Projects Vwhich runs until February 18.

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image credits Bo Wong