Five facts about Meredith Earls

  1. I live in Melbourne, however I spent my childhood growing up in Ocean Grove. I still feel happiest when I’m at the beach.
  2. I’m trained as a graphic designer and I currently work as Design Director at a Melbourne based design studio. Our studio works on strategic design projects within the built environment. Everyday we work on solving complex design problems to create better environments for people. I love being able to use my brain whilst making things look good.
  3. Collage has always been a great way for me to disconnect from the computer and use my hands. It’s completely different from my work as a designer, but the principles of form, colour, composition and texture cross over. I use collage as a form of sketching to explore ideas.
  4. I ride my bike everyday.
  5. I try really hard to make collages at my desk but I always end up working on the floor.

Meredith Earls’ solo exhibition A Balance of Oppositesis on view 13 September – 7 October 2018.

See here for a full exhibition listing.