Five facts about Michelle Kettle

A bit more info about the paintings;

For this collection of small paintings I’ve revisited suburbs I lived in when I first moved to Melbourne, mainly Carlton north. Moving through these old streets again, I’ve framed my compositions to capture particular elements of the architecture that I love, mainly windows, doors and those spectacular Victorian parapets. I like to speculate who lives there and what kind of life they live, and create my own narrative.

Five facts:

  1. I had a baby at the end of last year. She is the best thing I have ever seen.
  2. Painting and podcasts go hand in hand for me. Science and true crime being current favourite topics. Then if you’ll listen, I’ll retell it to you, only different and probably wrong. “Stars are just old light!”
  3. I am constantly looking for the perfect building to paint. I’ll always take the long way home or a road unknown in the hope of finding something great.
  4. I like looking at things and mixing the colours I’d use to paint them in my head. Mainly shadows on walls. There’s always some blue in there.
  5. If I wasn’t a painter my dream job would be as a set designer/prop maker. When I watch a movie or a TV show that’s what I’m looking at.

Michelle’s solo exhibition Folded Lightis on view 16 Aug – 9 Sept 2018.

See here for a full exhibition listing.