Form and Flora Floortalk / Sat 24

Olive Orbs / semi burnished high fired stoneware on reclaimed Australian hardwood base, finished with carnauba wax / SOLD

Form and Flora / Join us for a Floor Talk this Saturday 10 – 10:30am
The Floor Talk will discuss the four Flora themes that have informed the creative dialogue that anchors Form and Flora.
Bunya Bunya, Grassland, Saltmarsh Coastal and Wattle were selected as representative of the Geelong Region and instrinsic to the character of the Geelong Botanic Gardens and its surrounding landscape.Botanic gardens are living collections and offer a window into the world of plants, the environments where they survive and the animals, people and cultures that are dependant on them. The Geelong Botanical Gardens: was established in 1851 and as Australia’s fourth oldest botanic garden holds an exceptional collection of exotic and indigenous plant material. Many of the trees growing within the garden and its surrounding landscape are listed on the Heritage Register and are rare or endangered in their natural habitat.
Helena Buxton is a Landscape Architect and horticulturalist and has worked on many projects in the Geelong Region. Currently Helena volunteers for the Friends of Geelong Botanic Gardens and Open Gardens Victoria and has a stated commitment to the environments and landscapes of our region.

Floor Talk/ Sat 24th Sept 10-10:30am