Geelong Design Week

Building Sustainable Food Systems for Our Community –Hear about how sustainable food systems and community initiatives are creating a healthier Geelong

When: Saturday 21st March, 10:30 am – 3:00 pm
Where: Big Boom, 5 Rutland Street, Newtown
Cost: Free

Boom Gallery is thrilled to announce we are taking part in the Geelong Design Week, with an exciting event hosted in our Big Boom space.

Meet the pioneers who are designing, developing and creating more sustainable food systems and other initiatives that are bringing our community together.
With a focus on urban agriculture and food-centered design, as a means of providing a real opportunity to grow and share food close to where it is consumed, our speakers will discuss the creation of a closed-loop system, connecting the community through collaboration and growing food together, as well as minimising any harmful waste generated throughout the process.

See how these food-centered design initiatives are happening right here in Geelong. Join us for the talk/presentation only, or stay and enjoy a shared lunch to celebrate some of our region’s best produce with our guest speakers.

Bookings are required, to find out more click here.

Wheelchair accessible venue