Georgia Gray at Boom Gallery

A fabulous opening of Georgia Gray’s solo show last night at Boom Gallery. There was a large crowd with much enthusiasm and appreciation for the impressive body of work that Georgia had produced.

Georgia says about her work :

“My painting explores the relationships created in simple colour and shape formations and patterns. I generally work in acrylics and paint many layers onto canvas. The layering creates the textural structure I am looking for. I am captivated by ancient designs and look for ways to reference them in my work. I have always been drawn to pattern, particularly in fabric design. There are references to Indian textile design and ethnic designs found in Africa and Australian Aboriginal painting. For me, the experience of making the painting is the thing. The excitement of applying paint to canvas, the luscious quality and rich colours of the medium, and the captivating inner dialogue, are what I seek. These are moments when time stands still and nothing else matters. “

Her show continues until March 16th.