Glen Smith/ Territory/ 7 -30 August

The latest solo exhibition ‘Territory’ by Glen Smith carries on and extends the body of artwork that he began in 2013 within his exhibition ‘Local’. Focusing on the Geelong urban landscape within a contemporary context, Smith’s new body of artwork completed over 2014 further extends and widens his gaze taking in icons of local industry, heritage buildings and icons within the urban landscape that he traverses on his daily commute.

Stylistically the work is reflective of the environment that it captures. It is grungy and street level with a street art aesthetic used to capture the local built environment. Highlights that the viewer will see on show include iconic buildings such as Erskine’s Disposals, Denny Lascelles Woolstore as well as other city motifs that remind the viewer of familiar locations.

The exhibition consists of over 70 works capturing a contemporary snapshots of Geelong’s Landscape presented artistically, and in a manner reflective of a city transitioning toward embracing the 21st century urban model.

Territory opens Friday 8th August 5:30 – 8pm