Gordon Lingard, Sacred Gums

“Whilst we’re not as rich in architectural history as Europe, our history is in the land, in gum trees, vast landscapes which sing, hum and vibrate with a resonance hard to ignore. ‘The spirit’s in the land.’ (Archie Roach). Sacred Gums is a reflection of this and draws inspiration from an ongoing and ever deepening love of gum trees.The ancient gums form natural cathedrals where we’re able to silently express wonder and gratitude. In these paintings, I want to acknowledge the first peoples of this land and pay respect to their elders and emerging leaders. It’s hard to be in this ancient landscape without hearing their voice, sensing their presenceand connecting with their dreaming. My hope is that these paintings draw respect for them and an acknowledgement of the creation we are so blessed to be surrounded by.”Gordon Lingard was born in 1952 in Hannover, Germany. Raised in Sheffield, England. He studied Education in Nottingham in 1970 where his first forays in painting began. Whilst there he met and married Judith, a Melbournian, and moved to Australia in 1979. He went on to gain a Grad Licentiate in Theology from St John’s College Nottingham and an M.A. from Eastern College Melbourne. Home is now in Ocean Grove, Victoria. Mainly working in acrylics, Gordon is drawn to abstract expressionism, however, is still pulled back to recognisable forms. After many years of painting, this is his first exhibition.Sacred Gums runs until February 21st, to see the full listing click here.

install images by Carli Wilson Photography.