Harry McEvoy, Over the Hills, Under the Table


“Whilst working on this body of work I was under the strict lockdowns in the outskirts of the Melbourne CBD. With time feeling endless and days seeming unlimited, it gave e hours to reflect on not only my own painting practice but also think back to past ventures. I began to think about a two month road trip around Australia when I was 10, moving from town to town and state to state with nothing but the beautiful sights of the harsh yet charming landscapes. I remember being under a spell or the red sand, small towns, and never-ending nature that was flashing past me as we drove down multiple hot Australian roads.”



“I began to construct narratives, addressed through abstract forms. I aimed to create work that did not specify a setting or situation but documented my personal interpretation of the delicate beauty of the two month journey up the centre of Australia. I aimed to capture the wealth of vast textures in Australian landscapes and encounters with distant faces on the public streets. These brief encounters have compelled figurative elements into my painting methods. This body of work is based on my time in lockdown, which allowed me to reflect on the concepts of isolation and our relationship to our surroundings and environments.”



Harry McEvoy is a dynamic young artist who grew up on the Victorian Surf Coast. He has an unwavering desire to paint, draw, and explore new ideas and materials incessantly. His paintings are a glorification of youthful energy, whilst provoking thoughtfulness and reflection; tending to revolve around narratives that do not specify a particular setting or situation, rather a personal interpretation of a period of time in which he was a participant.


Over the Hills, Under the Table until November 1. To see the full listing click here

images by Carli Wilson Photography