Ingrid Daniell, 'Space, Heart, Time' for Summer Projects VI

Painter and visual artist Ingrid Daniell, lives on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia, where the land and seascapes that surround her inspire her work. “I am constantly drawn to landscapes that offer a sense of solitude, majesty, mystery, places that feel removed from the chaos of our current day; they offer a sacred experience; of which as humans crave for a sense of belonging and relief. I felt like I found my Mecca in the desert coast.”

“Space, Heart, Time is an immediate and instinctive body of work that captures the atmosphere and experience from my recent travels over on the Western Australian ancient Ningaloo Reef desert coast. Painted plein air and on location from our desert camp at Red Bluff, I was drawn to the extensive dune system on the edge of the Ningaloo Reef that took my breath away. The vastness of sand dunes seeped in deep time; full of subtle shades and shifts with an incredible rose peach hue; evidence of the deep red ochre traveled through time.”

“Responding to the landscape immediately within the confines of the desert elements enabled me to capture the raw aching beauty of this stark yet intricate environment. I worked on raw canvas to allow the paint to soak in and capture the intensity of the dry heat. Using sand from the ground to enhance the contrasts, with precious water to move the paint and working fast and instinctively to keep moving through the experience.”

Ingrid’s latest body of work Space, Heart, Time created for Summer Projects VIis showing until 24th February. To see a full listing click here.