Ingrid Daniell, Strange Dreams, Under a Full Moon

“Strange Dreams, Under a Full Moon explores the atmosphere, mystery and magic in the places I experienced on my recent travels through remote Western and South Australia. The intensity of my dreams, visions and memories enhanced during the full moon seemed to draw out an even more intimate and intense connection to place and space in time. Surrounded by Deep Time was itself like a dream; transported back in time to ancient lands; fragile and precious, fleeting. Deep Time seemed to rise to the surface in my dreams and swallow me up, the inescapable Anthropocene.

I continue to explore our earth as a fragile beauty on the verge of a dystopian relic; highlighting the threat of climate change on our fragile and precious environment in the age of Anthropocene.”

Ingrid Daniell lives on the Surf Coast where the land and seascapes that surround her inspire her work. Places that are close to her life and experiences are never far from her paintings – the rugged Surf Coast and Great Ocean Road; remote Australia and its many national parks; the vast Australian coastlines and desert camps.

Ingrid finds context in her painting by using the landscape as a metaphor for our fragile earth, the devastation of climate change and our human need to belong. Through her painting, she identifies the human and instinctive need to connect to the land, to the ocean, to a natural environment and the landscapes that make up our identity from the past, present and future. In many of her works Ingrid paints the landscape as an idyllic folk tale; redolent of a time and place when man had little impact. Through stylised and abstract form and symbolic paint gestures, Ingrid uses colour and a mix of textures; layering the canvas using shapes and colours in a warmth of texture and sheer to create magical, emotional landscapes.

With a Bachelor of Art in Textiles and Fashion (Hons, RMIT) majoring in Costume Design, Ingrid extends her love of colour, texture and drama, creating layers as she paints to build depth and dimension. Through her use of colour, she highlights the layers and form of the landscape shaped by weather and time.

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Strange Dreams, Under a Full Moonruns until September 8