Jiri Tibor Novak / 90 Postcards

altered postcards 1

Tibor is responsible for many one man shows and books here in Australia and overseas. He has been a dedicated contributor to the arts in Geelong and Surfcoast having taught at the Gordon Tafe and mentored many young artists over the last 15 years. One of his recent endeavours was an artist book titled “Visitors”(a limited edition of 12), made in collaboration with Gregory Day. It ended up in collections of Deakin University, University of Queensland, National Library of Australia, State Library of NSW and Victoria.

Tibor is well known for his quirky and engaging artworks. His paintings are delicate, poetic and whimsical. He works with gouache and watercolour, and also makes etchings & oil paintings.

His latest, was a trip over Europe, a study tour through Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. Over the course of this trip Tibor made postcards (100 or so) which he subsequently mailed to a number of destinations, including Boom Gallery. These form the main body of this exhibition and tell the story of the sojourn and the journey.


90 days ofeurope

90 days ofwalking

90 days oflooking

90 days ofvisiting

90 days ofsketching

90 days ofdrawing

90 days of painting

90 days ofsending postcards

90 days ofdreaming i am still

90 Postcards / 31 Oct – 22 Nov