Jordy Kerwick, The Best Hologram Party Host

“The works are derived from a place within, that struggles with social circumstances and really is happiest at home with my little family. So I get my kicks of colour through painting and making autobiographical work, filled with nostalgia, things I love/hate and things I wished I had or could make. There are no endorsements through subject matter, just things of interest and of the past.”

Jordy works between representational and abstract paintings, subverting the traditional notion of a ‘still life’ with stylised depictions of plants, flowers and books, often including a stray cigarette or prescription pill to keep things interesting. His abstract works are moody, expressive and rich with texture.

Jordy Kerwick is a self taught artist from Melbourne, currently based in Albi, France. Whilst Jordy’s art practice is still relatively young, it is fast acquiring the attention of a global audience with representation in New York, Paris, London and most recently Japan. Jordy has a uniquely raw and confident approach, combining a range of materials and techniques to create detailed, intriguing paintings with tactile surfaces.

The Best Hologram Party Host draws on a need to socialise, but an inherent desire to remain hidden and immersed in the surrounds and safety of home. There are a number of sub contexts to the show, including laying question to the apparent validation of social media comms, thus superseding the need for personal, face to face connection.”

To see the full listing click here, The Best Hologram Party Host runs until May 19.