Julia Trybala / Even Ravel


Even Ravel is Julia Trybala’s second solo show at Boom Gallery, following on from her 2014 exhibition Beginners. The works are displayed on paper and panel using primarily acrylic paint, ink and graphite. Through these works, Trybala has created a juxtaposition of imagery that simultaneously encompass delicate pattern-work alongside bold shapes, forms and symbols. With a focus on the female nude and portrait, Trybala examines how notions of femininity can be elucidated and, ultimately, how femininity can be constructed. The key source of reference within the works draw from vintage nude photographs of women. Trybala is interested in how women have been portrayed and photographed historically and how this is viewed within a contemporary setting.

Continuing this investigation of women and women within the art-world, Trybala also references folk art and what is considered ‘domestic art’ or ‘Women’s art’ such as quilting, weaving, textile making and pottery. What becomes apparent within this type of craft is the importance of patterns. The collaged approach in which Trybala has composed the pieces within Even Ravel ultimately resonate with the complex and scattered history of woman as art subject or object, along with the ongoing triumphs of women within the art world.

Julia Trybala is a young Melbourne based artist currently completing her third year of a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT University. Trybala works with a range of painting and drawing mediums and surfaces and aims to create thoroughly composed, flat, delicate and bold works.

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Even Ravel / 18 Feb – 12 Mar

opening night Friday 19 Mar 5:30-8pm

Even Ravel
Even Ravel