Kasper Raglus

Kasper Raglus was born in 1990. He lived in Northcote until he moved to the beach in 93′. The son of well known Australian artist Jeff Raglus he grew up around Mambo art. Kasper finished high school in 2008 then studied graphic art for a year. During a trip to California in 2011 he was strongly influenced by the young art scene and has been painting steadily since.

Kasper is addicted to surfing, vintage cars and guitars and is also inspired by 50’s/early 60’s fine art and graphic art – especially lettering from that era. Music also heavily inspires him to paint and he tries to capture certain songs in his work.

Currently Kasper is working on a large mural for a cafe in Aireys Inlet which he describes as a “pretty big job”, and adds “it should be ace”. He plans to keep on painting, making music… and hopefully surfing lots.