Katherine Wheeler / Melbourne Ceramics Market at Boom

Katherine Wheeler is a Victorian artist, based in Castlemaine, Australia.

Katherine has a bachelor of Fine arts, Gold and Silver smithing and a Diploma of Visual art, both from RMIT. She now mainly works in ceramics, a skill she learned primarily from her Dad, who is a potter. She now combines her skills to create artworks and wearable pieces that cross over the boundaries between mediums.

“I like to work intuitively, keeping my forms organic, free and with the feel of the hand that made them still on the surface.”

Wheeler has participated in many group and solo exhibitions, notably, the prestigious Cicely and Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Award, ‘Containment’ at the National Gallery of Victoria in 2012-2013, and was awarded the ceramic award at the 2017 Victorian Craft Awards, held by Craft Victoria.

Her work has been exhibited and collected internationally as well as widely within Australia.

“This collection of work, is inspired by beach combing, specifically what is washed up and discarded by the ocean, and the other world that they come from. I am intrigued by the minute and elaborate details and patterns found in the piles of seaweed entwined with feathers, coral and random marine debris.”

“My work mimics and enlarges the details to bring to mind the importance of keeping in touch with the natural world, the peace and clarity that it can bring us, and the fact that we need to preserve and care for our natural environment.”

The Melbourne Ceramics Market exhibition continues at Boom until December 24th. Pieces are not listed individually on our website, however, if you are unable to make it into the gallery, phone enquiries are welcomed.