Katie Eraser / Perfection isn't Beautiful, Destruction is Beautiful

Katie Eraser’s most recent body of work is a chaotic reckoning. Focusing on the artist’s primary concern of dismantling the agency to chase impeccability and normativity as an end game. Vibrantly executed by the untamed carnage of her own work, tearing fluoros and bold textures expressively layer paintings. Vivid oil pastels slice and stain painted surfaces, in a heady exploration of the idea of creator as destroyer. This will be the first time Katie has exhibited her sculptural works, a new area of exploration. The sculptures embody an immediate reflection of the paintings, yet in their reconfiguring, assemble into something new entirely. Exposing another exercise in dismantling her work, a newness through destruction. These sculptural works are called ‘De-constructed Replicas’.



Katie Eraser is an Australian contemporary artist currently residing in Melbourne. She creates strikingly colourful abstract paintings and sculpture, to explore themes of perfection and destruction. Through these textural works she examines her main focus, challenging the illusion of perfection, its desirability, and societies obsession with it. She seeks to create newness through the dismantling of her work, destroying it to create a new ending.These works are ultimately steered by the Queer and Feminist identities that inform her life and work. Katie completed a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at Billy Blue / Swinburne University.

Katie’s solo show runs 27 April – 20 May. To see a full exhibition listing click here.