Keren Simmons, Summer Projects VII

“I am fascinated by the visual conventions of street signage and the function of the sign as an informative, yet beautiful image, produced by the correlation of colour and symbol, and its operation at the intersection of both written and visual information. Using paint to produce artworks of gateways, I explore the crossover between what may be considered functional design and fine art.”

“My intention is to adopt the visual conventions of the sign and apply them to my paintings in order to produce works that have multiple capacities. Functioning as objects and as illustrations and as historic visual reminders, the gateway represents a threshold, a symbol for the point of transition between separated spaces, a barrier that invites access.”

Keren recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) at the Victorian College of the Arts where she specialised in drawing and printmaking. During her second year of study Keren had the privilege of travelling to Japan to participate in a print exhibition. During this trip she was overwhelmed by the beauty of Tokyo’s street signs. The colours and designs were informative yet so simple and visually alluring. Already having an affection for recycled papers and timbers, it was only natural that Keren brought the two together and it was from here that her series of gateways began.

To see a full listing of Keren’s latest work click here.

Summer Projects VII runs until February 16th.