Liam O'Neil, Off The Leash

Liam O’Neil discovered his love and talent for art about 4 years ago. As an emerging artist Liam delights in bold colour and stylised design. He has an ability to re-create images that inspire and give pleasure to his audience through his exploration of colour pattern, line and form. As his idiosyncratic style is emerging, he is realising it’s what makes his work unique. With a steady hand and close attention to detail, Liam works in 2D using acrylic paint on canvas or pencil on paper.

Liam has chosen to paint dogs for this exhibition. ArtGusto support Liam to further his arts practice independently. He has personified these playful pooches for us all to enjoy.

Liam has exhibited in solo shows and participated in a number of group exhibitions. He works 3 days at ArtGusto and also from his home studio. Liam has sold many of his pieces and regularly donates work to charities.

Art Gusto is a supported art studio full of energy, vibrancy and original ideas. It is a studio for Artists self – motivated to create. At ArtGusto, artists can access support from qualified practicing artists, working with them in a professional studio to assist their artistic practice. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to develop a social network of like-minded people who can share time together being creative. ArtGusto is an essential link for our artists within Geelong’s arts community. ArtGusto enables access to a range of artistic opportunities locally and further afield. While our artists have genuine creative talent – they are living with disabilities and the challenges this brings to their lives every day.

To see a full listing click here. Off The Leash runs until May 19.