Lianne Gough / New Work

P1020127Lianne Gough / New Work

Geelong artist and educator Lianne Gough brings a selection of her latest paintings to Boom for her solo exhibition New Work. Raw, emotive and honest, Lianne’s recent artwork reflects her personal journey to better health. “These paintings together are part of my illness and recovery – and my changes as a person and an artist because of it.”

“I’d started and finished The Changeroom before I became ill. I felt very connected to the women who were wonderful to paint and so generous with their cooperation in what was a large and complex project. As my health and strength slowly returned, I felt a need to change my approach to painting. The Quinces was a simple subject which allowed me to explore a new technique, using unframed black gessoed board. My long-held prejudice against using black had to go …The Stranger was also a different focus in that I had no relationship with the subject, freeing myself to explore marks and textures. Other paintings were more detailed: The Mirror is an intensely personal journey. I had a sense of going in deeper, trusting the painting to lead me where it would.”


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8 – 31 October / opening Friday 9th Oct 5:30 -8pm