Local Artist Glenn Fry at the Powerhouse


Since mid-November 2014 local artist and Factory 21 resident G-TWO (Glenn Fry) has been working on a large installation piece at the Powerhouse in Geelong. Over the five months it has taken to complete, G-TWO faced obstacles such as injury and theft but never gave up!

In this work titled ‘Living Urban Delusion’ G-TWO shows us an idealistic view of street art in his own created culture the Conceptual Delusion, which G-TWO has been developing for the past 20 years. Some aspects of this delusional culture include a written language, wallpaper designs based upon characters in the language. It also includes representations of pop culture icons and commercial advertisements such as Gremlins, Daleks and Coca Cola. All of this diverse imagery has been interwoven in multi layered impressions of the urban art aesthetic.

To create this ‘Living Urban Delusion’ G-TWO has used various mediums and techniques to mimic the look and feel of urban street art; whether it be the constant transition of being painted over, or effects of the weather and the ravages of time. Some of the methods he has used include; stencils, colour washes, sanding and paste ups. Although the work has been created solely by G-TWO, in the execution he has tried to make this work of art resemble the walls of urban laneways; which have been worked on by multiple artists over countless years. Even though the bulk of this piece is now complete over time it will change and evolve like the street art that has inspired its creation.

BOOM would like to congratulate Glenn on his hard work and amazing contribution to the Powerhouse.

20150322_170157 20150322_165825_Richtone(HDR)