Mark Cairns , Blue Latitude

Mark Cairns has a natural affinity with the ocean. The horizon, a constant conceptual meditation nestled amongst cascading scales of blue. Cairns cleverly leads our gaze as we are drawn into direct contemplation of seascape occupied in unison with man-made constructs.

Blue Latitude is a body of work in which Cairns uses focal points of difference to underscore compositional experimentation. It is evident that he began his artistic journey in the articulate world of graphic design as balance, contrast and detailed execution of his brushwork are all present reminders.

‘Waterway II’ and ‘Bay XII’ are prominent examples of Cairns depth and technical capacity in his painterly pursuits. The four panel work ‘Seasons’ compliments his consistent study of nature and nature’s movements intimately.

Cairns has successfully navigated design and scale delineating calm. Artists are often reconnoitering in urban spaces. Cairns has documented the streets of the sea, carefully contemplating essential markers and producing icons of our beloved coastline.

Blue Latitude runs September 12 – October 6. To see a full listing click here.