Mark De Koning, Strange Time

Strange Time is an inquiry into the human condition, exploring how we as a species attempt to relate to the bizarre world we have created, highlighting the the disconnect between our biological nature and the peculiarities of modern life. The work seeks to provoke critical thought and reflection.
Mark explores ideas through contemporary drawing, working with pencil, gouache and paper. He utilises symbols, characters and hyper-realistic subjects to convey meaning. Mark is inspired by an evolving interest in humans as a species and their relationship with the world in a modern context.

Mark studied Fine Art at RMIT in Melbourne where he explored contemporary drawing and developed his skills. Since 2010, he has taken part in various exhibitions around Australia, been selected as a finalist for the Clifton Art Prize and published his work. He is now based on the Surf Coast, where he works as a graphic designer, photographer and project firefighter. Mark continues to challenge himself by experimenting with various mediums, and he aspires to further refine his concepts, provoke critical thought and to continually evolve his process.

Mark’s solo show Strange Time runs until December 2 and can be viewed here.