Meet Andrea Shaw

Current exhibiting artist Andrea Shaw shares 15 facts about herself below. Andrea’s debut solo exhibition Doorwayswill be up until March 12.

Andrea S Portrait

1- I grew up on a property twenty minutes south of Bendigo. It backed onto a national park where I used to ride our horse and go exploring. My family have lived in the area since it was settled during the gold rush.

2- I once fell off my horse, breaking my arm. I’ve broken my left arm three times and right one once. I don’t like to think I’m clumsy, just an unnecessary risk taker.

3- I really love to climb. Ropes, trees, mountains, double story terrace facades (when locked out). On my first day of prep I climbed to the top of the dome to eat my lunch, I fell off, that was the first of my many plaster casts.

4- I’m shit scared of flying. My love of seeing new places trumps the fear though so I have to suck it up. Going into space on a rocket is my worst nightmare.

5- The mountains are my favourite place. I was lucky to get on skis as a little kid, it’s too expensive for me these days though.

6- Occasionally I do Bollywood dance classes on YouTube in our lounge room.

7- At school I was really good at geometry and physics. I drew patterns all over my workbooks though and eventually came back to that.

8- When I was 20 I moved to the UK and one of the many jobs I had over there was working at a fancy Sports/ Ski store in Chelsea. I saw Ringo Star buy tennis balls and I rang home to tell mum. She was a massive Beatles fan.

9- On my days off in London I’d go between the Tate Modern, The Natural History Museum and The V&A. When you’re a poor retail worker in London the galleries are the best places to hang out.
10- My favourite genre of movies/ books is post apocalyptic. I’m reading a post pandemic book at the moment about the continuation of ‘the arts’ after a flu strain wiped out 99% of the human population. SO interesting. Bill Gates thinks it is how we’ll all go. I don’t have a survival kit packed though.

11- I studied Textile Design at RMIT and my first job out of uni was designing lining prints for handbags.

12- I practice and sometimes teach Yoga. Having a regular yoga practice really compliments working creatively as it helps to clear my head and find a routine.

13- When they figure out time machines I’m going to go hangout with the folks at the Bauhaus if they’d have me. My German is not great though. I regret not sticking to a language in high school.

14- I procrastinate by moving furniture around.

15- I love middle-eastern cuisine. Whilst at uni I worked at a restaurant in Brunswick called Rumi for years and the love affair started there.