Meet Julia Trybala


Young Melbourne artist Julia Trybala shared 15 facts about herself to coincide with her current solo exhibition ‘Even Ravel’. To see the exhibition listing click here. (Image credit: On Jackson Street).

1. Fact number one is that I get nervous and break out into a sweat talking about myself so let’s see how I’ll go for this list.

2. I have always drawn and painted, I think I am slowly getting better at it.

3. I live with my partner Josh in a very small apartment in Brunswick, he is a designer and so our favourite pastime is working.

4. When we’re not working we cook up mean pastas, drink gin and watch crime series.

5. I work from my studio in Brunswick, a breezy 20 minute walk away from home. It’s a small space that I share with quite a few of my friends. It’s super nice to be surrounded by such talented artists.

6. My favourite thing in my studio is my monstera plant which keeps on giving me beautiful new leaves.

7. I am about to start my third year of a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT. It has really come around quickly and I am so excited to see how this year turns out.

8. I really, truly love Beyonce and I often start to weep when I see a new film clip of hers because she is just so strong and great.

9. I also weep when I see dogs and must always pat them when I see them I don’t care about the owner I just want to pat dogs.

10. My parents immigrated to Australia in their 20’s due to increasingly hard living conditions during Communism in Poland. I often feel overwhelmed by their decision to start a new life in Australia where they knew no-one, had very little money and couldn’t speak the language.

11. When I see my parents and my family we speak Polish, I understand a lot of it but this year I plan to study it more and become more fluent.

12. When I was about 11 my older sister Anya convinced me to wear a fruit hat (think Carmen Miranda) to a Halloween party – when I got there everyone was dressed in very spooky attire and I was just covered in fruit. I still think about that day.

13. This year I am saving all my pennies for a big trip to Europe where I’ll organise a residency and will just explore as much as I can.

14. My favourite colours are cobalt blue and red but I usually just wear black and white.

15. Last fact is that this took me far too long to write.