Meet Mickey Egan

This is Mickey Egan. One of our artists in this years Summer Project’s exhibition.

Here are a few words he had to say about himself……

  • Living on the Surfcoast is a great privilege. The more I have travelled away from my home and returned, the more I see it as a bubble that is removed from many challenges that trouble so many people in other parts of the world, I guess I don’t take it for granted as much as I did.
  • Talking about art, artists & art history is something I could gladly do for hours but I don’t necessarily like talking about my own art.
  • I lived in Southern California for 2 years, in that time I learnt that real Mexican food cooked authentically would become my favorite type of food. love cooking Mexican food on the weekends.
  • My wife & I like to expose our children to art, film, music & literature. The kids are very creative, they constantly drive us crackers with the mess they leave when making stuff, yet they inspire us at the same time.
  • This is random, but if you think about it, the Australian $2 dollar coin is a double headed conundrum, one side of the coin is a ubiquitous image of Queen Elizabeth II and on the other side is an image of Gwoya Jungarai or One Pond Jimmy as he was called. He had relatives massacred in the Northern Territory 1928, his son was the legendary artist Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri. Ubiquity & Anonymity- Irony that is traded as everyday currency. Its strange how as nation we know more about another nations queen than we do about our own nations first people.